June 5th Performance

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Pictures from the Devil and Billy Shake

June 5th 2015 Cast at the Lynn Auditorium

Video Trailer

The Backstory

Billy Shake is an American rock star of epic  proportions. So beloved throughout the world that the devil himself, known here as Dr. Spark, brings Billy to Hell to entertain him and his followers. Dr. Spark also wants to perform alongside him to nurture his own ego and try to convince Billy that he could have anything he wants if he stays.


Billy sings songs for the inferno but fights to retain and express his belief in the love of God, country, and the pursuit of love.  Dr. Spark, with the help of his singing sodality, the Demonettes, taunt and mock Billy and all he stands for in the hopes of leading him astray.

The People Behind the Scenes

  •  "The Devil And Billy Shake" Rock Opera by George D. Simpson and Brian Maes

  • Photos by Melissa Rotondo

  • Hair,  Makeup, Photos by Kim Patrizzi of Kim's Barbershop, Lynn, MA

  • Lighting by Phred Moore of Interstellar Tech

  • Art Design by Emmanuelle Le Gal

  • Musical performances by Kook Lawry, Tim Archibald, "Old" Tony DePietro, MaryBeth Maes, Elle Gallo, Terri O'Soro, Danny McCarthy, George Simpson and Brian Maes

More about the Cast Tabs

Billy Shake



Billy Shake

  Billy thinks and feels like this. 


Dr. Spark



Dr. Spark

 Dr. Spark Dr. Spark thinks and feels like this. 

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